Farnell's Almhouses were founded by John Farnell by deed of gift dated 3 December 1859 and extensively modernised in 1998, there are 13 bed-sitter terraced bungalows which are currently leased to Notting Hill Housing Trust for people with mental health needs living in the community.

The Farnells were owners of the Isleworth Brewery, previously Farnell & Watson Brewery.   Money was also donated by the Glossop family, the Reverend George Glossop being the vicar of All Saints and residing at Silver Hall.  The land was given by the Duke of Northumberland who also donated £2,000 to the building of a new church (St John’s), a parsonage, a school and the almshouses all of which were needed due to the expanding population of the 1840’s.  The main source of employment was soft fruit picking.  In 1845 one grower in the parish was said to have had the largest extent of under spade cultivation in England.