St John’s Road, Isleworth

Farnell’s Almshouses are located behind St John’s Church, St John’s Road, Isleworth. They comprise 13 bed-sitter terraced bungalows built in 1858.

An expanding population in the 1840s caused overcrowding at All Saints’ Church, Isleworth, and a new church was proposed as a solution. The Duke of Northumberland gave a site on St John’s Road and donated £2,000 towards the cost of construction, the balance being raised by the community. Much of the money for the church was given by the Farnell and Glossop families. The Vicarage, school and almshouses were all the gift of Mr John Farnell, owner of the Isleworth Brewery. Farnell’s was built to provide accommodation for six men and six women.

Farnell’s was extensively modernised and re-opened in 1998. It is currently leased to Notting Hill Housing Trust on a 30 year lease to expire in 2028 for people with mental health needs living in the community.

 Farnell's AlmshousesFarnell’s AlmshousesFarnell’s Almshouses

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