Shirley Sylvester

Shirley lives in South London with her partner and grown up son. She has held several senior housing development positions in the last 12 years and has delivered over a thousand new and refurbished homes. She also likes to think of herself as being ‘community minded’ because she has worked with a diverse range of community based charities in both a voluntary and professional capacity.

Shirley’s current job is head of development at Shepherds Bush Housing Group (SBHG). SBHG owns and manages about 5,000 homes across 11 West London Boroughs, including Hounslow. SBHG has a varied property portfolio: small estates; supported housing schemes; new build flats, conversions and individual street properties. Shirley’s role is to expand the association and SBHG currently has 170 homes under construction with more in the pipeline.

Shirley is also an active member of her local residents’ association (RA) and sit on the RA’s committee. She spends a lot of spare time badgering local statutory service providers to improve local services; acting as advocates for our most vulnerable neighbours and organising neighbourhood events. She has also been on the management committee for a local arts charity and undertook voluntary work for a number of children and youth projects.

Shirley has been a Trustee since May 2014.